Hair Sticking Out Of Braids? Here Is the Fix You’re Looking for!

Braids can never go out of trend. Even when new hairstyles come into the limelight, braids are still as popular.

Besides the attractive look they bestow, braids are excellent ways of promoting your hair’s longevity and reducing hair breakage with little maintenance.

It’s always an excellent choice to get braids.

However, one of the problems of braids is hair sticking out.

We’ve all been in this situation before, and it could be frustrating, especially as it reduces the “flyness” of the hair.

If this is your present situation, don’t fret. This article will give a comprehension guide on the causes of hair sticking out of braids, preventive measures, and possible solutions to it

Read on as we uncover the misery behind hair sticking out of braids.

Causes Of Hair Sticking Out Of Braids

Firstly, it’s imperative to state that hair sticking out of braids is pretty normal, and it’s a prevalent occurrence.

However, there could be many reasons for it. We highlighted below some of the causes of this problem


Each strand of hair grows at a different rate, and the growth/shedding phases are also different.

When you make braids, new sets of hair could start growing afterward from the scalp. These new sets of hairs are referred to as Undergrowth, and they might be the ones sticking out.

Uneven Hair

Let’s be honest, there was never a time when all the hairs on heads were the same length.

We shed hairs often, and the follicles become active again before new hair grows, hence, hairs of different lengths.

During the moment of braiding, some hairs might be too short that your braider misses them and will not be included. These hairs grow later and start sticking out.

Bad braider

Sometimes hair could be sticking out of braids because your braider does not tighten the hair enough.

To avoid frizz, your braids should be tight enough along the length so hairs won’t slip out of them.

Your hair could also continue growing from its initial endpoint.

Furthermore, In the case of loose braids, since hairs are not tucked in tightly, there’s a possibility they start sticking out.

So, your hair is already sticking out.

Rather than going to the salon to ask for a refresh while spending extra money or turning through YouTube looking for a solution, these workarounds below would get your braids looking good again.

Solutions To Hair Sticking Out Of Braids

Maintain Moisture

Your hair is woven into braids, but you can still moisturize it by using natural oil like aloe gel, olive oil, and coconut oil. You can also use gel to smooth down and freshen the hair.

Twist Or Rebraid Your New Growth

You can rebraid the new hair that grows to make it new again. If you can’t braid, you can use edge control to touch up your new growth.

Revive With Hot Water

Hot water does the trick too. Boil a pot of hot water, dip a towel into it, and allow it to cool enough till it’s warm, then lay the towel on your braided hair. The warm water will tamp down and freshen your braids.

Preventing Hair From Sticking Out of Braids

Preventing your hair from sticking out is also a thing. You can make it proper from the beginning rather than waiting for your hair to stick out.

The following are preventive measures to mitigate hair sticking out of braids.

Moisturize Your Hair

To ensure healthy and strong hair, moisturize your scalp thoroughly before you start braiding. The best way to moisturize your scalp is by using natural oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil e.t.c

Dampen Your Hair

It’s important to dampen your hair before braiding as this will get a hold of layers that want to escape from the braid. You can also use a comb as a drawing tool to part the hair, then apply gel to smoothen it.

Use A Good Braider

We can’t emphasize this enough. Your hair is as good as the person that makes it. Your braider should tighten your braids well so all hair strands can stay organized.

Consequently, hair will stay sleek and shiny and less likely to get frizzy over time.


Braiding is a cool hairstyle when done and managed correctly. A proper foundation before starting is vital in ensuring a sleek and shiny hairstyle.

Taking a necessary break before putting on another hairstyle is also a great way of maintaining your hair health and preventing damage and clumping.

Finally, if your hair can’t hundred percent stop sticking out after taking specific preventive measures, perhaps it’s because of your hair type, and we’re afraid living with sticking-out hair might be the solution.

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