Is Carmex Good for Cold Sores

A cold sore is one of the most annoying little issues to get. Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, usually pop up on the lips. A cold sore is an infection that occurs at the lips alone. Although it is a small infection, it can be easily transferred from one person to another. Due to this, a cold sore is one of the most common issues you can get.

However, there are some ways you can actually treat cold sores. Of all, one of the most popular is the use of medicated lip balms. Carmex is one of the most popular lip balms which actually helps to moisturize the lips. Aside from that, people have been wondering if Carmex can heal cold sores. If you want to know this and more, keep reading.

What is Carmex?

Carmex is a medicated lip balm that helps to heal wounds and also to moisturize the lips. Carmex comes in a large variety of sizes, ranging from plastic containers to tubes. For a long time, Carmex has been among the top producers of lip balms which help to prevent dry lips.

Also, Carmex does help to heal cold sores on the lips. This is due to the fact that Carmex contains ingredients that help to reduce inflammation. Therefore, you can make use of Carmex to treat your cold sores and also for other external lip sores.

Key Ingredients

Carmex contains a lot of helpful ingredients which help it to do what it does. However, of all these ingredients, some are more important than others. Explained in detail below are the key ingredients in Carmex.


Camphor is an ingredient that is usually gotten from turpentine oil. It has a lot of inflammatory and infection fighting chemicals within it. Therefore, it is the main reason why Carmex is able to treat lip sores. Camphor also helps when it comes to making the entire lip balm medicated. It can also kill germs and help to prevent lip infections. Therefore, this is a very important ingredient in camphor.


Menthol is a fairly common substance that is known among people. It has a general minty taste and also helps to fight bacteria. This is why it is a part of Carmex. Aside from camphor, menthol plays a vital role in treating of lip wounds. Bacteria that cause infections cannot survive in the presence of menthol. Therefore, this ingredient helps to destroy harmful bacteria that would have prevented lip sores from healing. All in all, this is a fairly important ingredient.

White Petrolatum

White petrolatum, or petroleum jelly, is another essential part of Carmex. While menthol and camphor help to heal sores, this ingredient helps to moisturize the lips. This is very important because Carmex is still a lip balm. It helps to stop the lips from drying out and becoming prone to more sores. Therefore, this is a very useful ingredient in Carmex.


This is one part of Carmex that sets it out from the rest. Although Carmex is a medicated lip balm, it still comes in a lot of different flavors. Flavors help to prevent Carmex from tasting awful due to its bacteria-fighting components. With Carmex, people can actually get something that heals their sores and still smells and tastes good.

Does Carmex Treat Cold Sores?

With the help of its unique ingredients, yes, Carmex does help to treat cold sores. So you don’t have to stay put with your cold sore wishing for the best. Just make use of Carmex and make it go away much quicker.

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