Oribe vs Olaplex Products: Which Is Better?

One of the most fascinating aspects of hair care products is the way they’re positioned and marketed.

Most companies offer an array of products in the hope that they can be all things to all women, while a few try to market to a specific customer niche.

That’s the case when you pit Oribe against Olaplex and consider the marketing approach of the two companies in the process.

But it takes a deeper and more thorough breakdown to determine which company’s product line is better, not to mention which represents a better purchase choice.

But before comparing the two brands, it’s important to understand the important concept behind selecting a haircare product.

In the following section, you’ll learn five important factors that influence which product you should and shouldn’t buy.

So pay attention to them:

How to Choose the Right Hair Product

If you want to get the best results for your hair, you need to choose the right product. Fortunately, it’s not difficult. All you have to do is just follow some of the practices below.

1. Know Your Hair

The first step in choosing the right hair product is to understand your hair. What’s the texture? What is your hair type? How is the porosity?

These things can help you sift through the thousands of products being promoted to you every day.

If you have fine hair, you’ll go for products that are specifically designed for that. When researching products, you should check the label to see if it’s a fit for your hair.

Some are formulated for all hair types while others are more specific. So, get this information before doing anything else.

2. Determine Your Hair Health

If your hair is damaged, some products won’t work well on your hair. And if you have excess dirt or product residue, you may find those hair products aren’t effective in your hair.

So, you need to determine what your hair health is saying. This way, you can determine if you need to repair your hair before styling or go ahead and style your hair.

It’ll also help you avoid some products or processes that may worsen your hair condition.

3. Understand How Products Are Used

Pretty much everyone understands what a moisturizer is, what it does, and how to use it.

The same thing can be said about shampoos and conditioners.

However, there are some products, like hair growth systems, at-home treatments, leave-in treatments, etc., that have specific instructions you must follow in order to see the result you want.

Sometimes the labels on the product will have all the directions. Other times, they don’t have adequate information.

If you have to do further research, such as checking the manufacturer’s website or some YouTube videos on how to use the product, then do it. It’ll do you lots of good.

4. Be Educated

Yes, you need to know what products to avoid and the ones you can use on your hair.

And the best way to know that is to at least understand some of the common ingredients used in hair products.

Specifically, learn about the ones to avoid so that when you see them in a product, you can pass.

This and the above will save you money as well as keep your hair in good health.

Another thing to understand is that the way ingredients are listed in a product determines their effect.

If an ingredient is listed first, it means it’s very important. Most times, you need to focus on the first 5 ingredients, those are the most important and most active.

5. Pay Attention to Price

The better you’re informed about this, the higher the chance you’ll save a lot when shopping.

For example, a product that is selling for a couple of hundred dollars in an online store may be available for a lot less in your local store. And vice versa.

You can also compare prices on various platforms as well as between different brands. This will help you gather all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Oribe vs Olaplex: What’s the Better Choice for Hair Care Products?

The Oribe Breakdown

Both Oribe and Olaplex make quality products, but Oribe falls into the “all things to all women” category when it comes to the company’s marketing approach.

Oribe makes a formidable array of shampoos, and you can get them for just about any purpose you can imagine.

That includes reparative, moisturizing, volumizing, and dandruff control.

So, it’s clear they’re dedicated to serving a wide array of customer needs, not to mention making plenty of money by offering solutions in so many different hair care areas.

Moreover, Oribe is equally dedicated to making products with natural ingredients. And there’s little or no attempt to play fast and loose with the definition of natural.

Final Words on Oribe

Scan the ingredients and you’ll find an array of natural oils and antioxidants, the idea being to both treat hair and provide a barrier against environmental stress, heat, and so on.

Their shampoos also don’t have sulfates, and they substitute coconut derivatives instead.

Given that their shampoos are gluten- and paraben-free, PETA-approved, and vegetarian, it would be hard to find a more environmentally conscientious company.

You’ll pay extra to get these ingredients and protect the environment, however. Oribe shampoos cost $45-60, but you can get mini-versions of the product for just under $20.

The Olaplex Story

Now let’s look at Olaplex. It’s more of a one-note company, with that note being to repair damaged hair.

They offer only a single shampoo, No. 4 Bond Maintenance, that’s based largely on a single ingredient, a tongue twister called bisaminopropyl diglycol dimaleate.

Although the shampoo does have Crambe seed oil and soybean oil to condition and strengthen hair.

That might make Olaplex look like an inferior company when you compare them with Oribe, but don’t be fooled.

Olaplex has developed a cult-like following based on how well their reparative products work, and Olaplex has gone to court to sue other companies that have tried to use their primary ingredient and call it something else.

The Conditioner Side

A conditioner comparison tilts things more toward Oribe.

The company offers multiple conditioners, including a repair-and-restore product that combines argan cypress and maracuja oil to untangle hair and restore strength in the process.

Users praise it to the nines for being light and non-sticky, but it is on the pricey side at $52 or so for a 200 ml bottle.

Olaplex once again sticks to a singular formula by offering only a single conditioner, but it’s a lot cheaper than Oribe at just under $30 for a 250 ml bottle.

Using it represents the last step in the company’s three-step repair process, and it’s particularly beloved by users with curly hair.

Both companies also make hair oil, and both products contain an impressive array of natural oils.

The Olaplex product contains their patented bonding molecule, though, and that combined with a much lower price point makes it a much better choice.

One other thing that should be noted in this comparison is that luxury is part of the appeal of the Oribe products.

The founder of the company is Oribe Canalist, a legendary celebrity hairstylist who founded the company back in 2008.

Oribe founded the company with the idea of providing luxury-level products to salons, hairdressers, and product devotees, using high-level ingredients that were virtually guaranteed to perform well.

It’s appealing to be part of an exclusive club when you go with Oribe, so keep that in mind as well.

The Verdict

Given the product and marketing approaches, comparing Oribe and Olaplex is a bit of an apples vs oranges affair, but it is possible to make some definitive decisions.

First things first—if you have damaged hair, go with Olaplex.

The product is designed by dermatologists and it works. It’s the only way to get the best proprietary ingredient on the market, which makes the choice a no-brainer.

Beyond that things get complicated. If you have the budget and you don’t mind paying for luxury products, Oribe is a better choice across the board.

Oribe products don’t always rate as the best, but when you average out their ratings they’re a better choice as long as you have the cash to keep up with their product line.

I kind of like Oribe, not just because it’s luxury. But also because the brand stands for a lot of good. High-quality ingredients, exceptional product line, nice story, and so on.

No doubt, Olaplex works. Oribe works too and might give you a slight edge. So, hedge your options and make your choice.

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