Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery vs Olaplex: Any Difference?

Olaplex: the undeniable heavyweight of the hair care industry.

How does this boutique brand turned international sensation measure up against household icon Redken?

We’ve done the research and compared Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery vs Olaplex’s flagship product, and the results just might shock you!

Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery vs Olaplex

Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery

It’s kind of a joke on the internet now how Redken and other household brands have the word “extreme” on virtually every product.

The Redken Bleach Recovery line is no exception, and it includes their shampoo, conditioner, repair cream, and lamellar water treatment.

Each product in the line puts the ingredient cica in the spotlight.

Cica is a botanical native to Asia renowned for its healing properties and natural abundance of antioxidants.

Also known as Tiger Grass, tigers are known to roll around on these plants after becoming wounded. Wounds aside, does it make their hair soft?

Asking for a friend.

But Redken is one of the very few brands out there currently offering this rare herbal blend to Western markets, so it must be something extraordinary.

Olaplex Hair Products

Olaplex’s hair repair products have been described as magical, among other superlatives.

One of the greatest aspects of their product line is that it functions as a system.

Anyone can benefit from formulas like No.4 and No.5, their bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner.

From there, you can graduate to No.4P, if you have blonde hair in need of toning, or perhaps the No.7 bonding oil if you need to tame some flies always and lock in moisture.

In general, most of Olaplex’s hair treatment products can help you rebuild and strengthen damaged hair.

With such a diverse product line, Olaplex has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a way to restore health and vitality to your damaged hair, try one of the popular Olaplex products.

You won’t be disappointed!

Redken vs Olaplex (More Comparison)

Repairing Damaged Hair

This function is of primary importance to both hair products. They are both designed to help remedy hair destroyed by exposure to bleaching treatments.

Redken has Coco Betaine, which safeguards the Keratin content of the hair from damage. Keratin is the protein that naturally keeps the hair strong and fresh.

Coco Betaine also helps the hair grow in larger volumes and stay resilient. It also has Centella Asiatica extract, which mitigates hair breakages.

Olaplex’s ace ingredient is its Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaelete.

Sourced from vegetable oil, this component rebuilds the hair’s disulfide bonds, which often bear the brunt of exposure to chemical treatments.

The hair product also features Etidronic Acid, which seals and repairs hair cuticles.

Both products contain Citric Acid, which is known to fight against hair breakages by building hair follicle strength.

Hair Moisturizing

When hair is dry, it becomes more prone to breakages.

Moisture makes hair look shinier and improves the well-being of the hair scalp.

Both products contain several ingredients which protect the hair from dryness.

Redken features the additive Coco-Betaine, derived from natural sources, which serves to keep the hair moisturized.

Furthermore, Glycerin is also used in the formula. This helps draw in humidity from the atmosphere to the hair.

Olaplex, on the other hand, contains fatty alcohols such as Cetyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Alcohol.

These are rich in oil and effective in keeping hair moisturized and giving it a smoother, softer look.

It also employs Jojoba seed oil, which hydrates hair strands and protects them from splitting at the ends.

Furthermore, its Propene Glycol content helps hair to suck in all the moisture.

The Verdict

Redken’s extreme bleach recovery line seems to have some fantastic, restorative ingredients for both hair and scalp.

In terms of long-term hair health, it’s a great pick, especially if you have some light highlights or get a dye touch-up every few months.

Olaplex on the other hand can’t be beaten in terms of bringing your hair back to life. Their No. O intensive bond-building treatment?

It repairs hair on a cellular level, giving the fibers exactly what they need to heal.

If Olaplex can bring brittle, bleach-dried hair back to its supple origin, what will it do for your mild to moderately damaged hair?

It’s worth it to find out!

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