Magic Sleek Ruined My Hair: What to Do?

At times, thick and curly hair is just not good enough. Especially when you want to look formal, nothing beats straightened hair. However, not all people have straight hair naturally. If you are one of those people who don’t possess straight hair, you need artificial ways to straighten your hair. However, not all people want to make use of hair straightening machines, due to their numerous dangers.

This is why Magic Sleek is perfect for such people. Magic Sleek is a haircare product or shampoo, which helps to straighten the hair. Unfortunately, there have been several reports of Magic Sleek spoiling the hair of people. If you want to know why this happened and how to prevent it, keep reading.

Causes of Magic Sleek Issues

There are a lot of reasons why Magic Sleek has been ruining the hair of people lately. However, most of the causes were the fault of the person making use of it. Below are the major causes of Magic Sleek issues.

1. Wrong Type of Hair

Although Magic Sleek works for a lot of hair, there are certain hair types that it is bad for. People with extremely dry and thin hair are usually not advised to make use of Magic Sleek. This is because Magic Sleek is a hair straightener, not a hair growth serum. Due to this, extremely dry or thin hair is not strong enough to handle the mild chemicals that Magic Sleek contains. This can, of course, lead to your hair being ruined by Magic Sleek.

2. Too Much

Magic Sleek is usually loved because it only contains mild chemicals and still works wonders. However, as it is said, too much of everything is bad. When Magic Sleek is not applied in its right quantity or concentration, it is very bad. Its small amount of chemicals will accumulate over time and it can turn out to be very bad for the hair. This can end up ruining the hair beyond repair. Therefore, when Magic Sleek is applied in excess quantities, it can end up ruining the hair.

3. Bad Combo

Most people make the mistake of mixing Magic Sleek with other conventional haircare products. While this may work well sometimes, it usually does not. A bad mixture of chemicals in the hair will not give the best results. Therefore, bad combos are actually to be blamed when Magic Sleek ruins your hair.

What to Do to Prevent This?

If you do not want Magic Sleek to ruin your hair anymore, there are some things that you can do. Some of these things are:

Wash Thoroughly

Before you apply Magic Sleek to straighten your hair, it is best to wash your hair thoroughly. Especially if you make use of numerous haircare products, you need to wash and rinse properly. This will help to prevent any nasty chemical reactions from occurring in the hair. Therefore, this can help you to prevent Magic Sleek from ruining your hair.

Follow the Instructions

You need to know that the instructions that come with Magic Sleek are there to help you. This is why you need to follow them and make use of Magic Sleek in the right quantity.

Dry Properly

After washing your hair, it is best to dry your hair properly before applying Magic Sleek. This is because wet hair will not be able to truly absorb Magic Sleek. This can lead to some parts becoming straighter than others. Due to this, it is best to dry your hair before you apply Magic Sleek.


Magic Sleek is a truly amazing product. You will be able to enjoy it only if you know how to prevent it from ruining your hair.

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