Redken vs Biolage: Which Is Better?

It’s no use introducing both Redken and Biolage especially if you’ve been using shampoos for a while.

These are widely successful hair care brands with hundreds of products to choose from.

Both Redken and Biolage have been around for a while, making dependable shampoos for damaged hair, color-treated hair, and styling hair.

Whether you’re looking to add volume to your hair, treat damaged hair, or revive dull, brittle hair, you’ll likely find a suitable product from either brand. And that’s where the problem is.

How do you differentiate between both brands?

It’s usually difficult because their products are similar. One effective way I’ve found is pairing two products from each brand and comparing them.

With that, you’ll be able to see which one is most suitable for your unique situation.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll be looking at a few shampoos from both brands and comparing them. At the end of the review, you should be able to decide which brand you should go for.

Redken vs Biolage: Comparison & Review

biolage vs redken

Redken Color Extend Shampoo vs Biolage Color Last Shampoo

Both the Color Extend Shampoo and Colorlast Shampoos are formulated for keeping haircolor shiny and manageable.

The Colorlast Shampoo will help repair any damage to color-treated hair while also protecting it from environmental damage.

It also has moisturizing properties that’ll keep the hair hydrating and bouncy. It’s a low pH shampoo that can help you prolong your hair color vibrancy.

Redken’s Color Extend works similarly but also cleanses and makes your hair manageable.

It’s a professional shampoo with a powerful formula to keep your hair color security, vibrancy, and radiance.

According to Redken, the shampoo fights off four causes of hair color change, so the color can last longer.

Note: Both shampoos are professional treatment shampoos that help prevent color fade.


Both shampoos come in liquid form, are suitable for color-treated hair and can be used by adults.

The Biolage Shampoo is part of a Colorlast system that includes this shampoo, a conditioner, deep treatment, and a multi-benefit spray.

Similarly, Redken Color Extend is part of a complete system that also includes the Redken All Soft Conditioner and Redken All-in-One Leave-in Conditioner.


The ingredient is important when you’re buying any skin care or hair care product. According to Biolage, the active ingredient in the shampoo is Orchid, which gives the shampoo its fade-defying power.

Redken, on the other hand, claims the shampoo is formulated with cranberry oil and ceramide, which work together to provide hair color vibrancy and hydration.

As you can see, the Biolage shampoo is likely to make the color last longer while Redken might help keep the vibrancy longer while also moisturizing the hair.

One thing I don’t like about both shampoos is that they contain sulfate, which many people complain about.

If you don’t like it too, that’s a deal-breaker. Another ingredient that could have you worried is parfum (fragrance), which is present in both.

So, if you’re sensitive to scent, you may want to look at another option. Lastly, the two shampoos contain alcohol.

Price of Both Shampoos

You would think that the price of both will be the same. Wrong.

The Redken Color Extend is more expensive than Biolage Colorlast Shampoo.

A 13.5 oz bottle of the Colorlast will cost you 21 dollars while a bottle of 10.1 oz of the Color Extend will set you back 24 dollars. At least, this is according to the price listed by Ulta, which is likely to be the same elsewhere.

This means that you’ll get more value when you buy Redken Color Extend than the Biolage Colorlast.

Aside from coming in a bigger bottle that will last longer, Redken Color Extend is equally cheaper. This is no doubt about some savings if you’re on a tight budget.

Redken Extreme Hair Strengthening Shampoo vs Biolage Volume Bloom Shampoo

Unlike the Colorlast and Color Extend shampoos mentioned above, these two are designed to add volume to your hair.

Surprisingly, there are similarly priced to the above shampoos, so deciding between them should be easy.

The Biolage Volume Bloom, as is obvious from the name, is formulated to transform thin strands into thick strands.

The shampoo is supposed to strengthen the follicles and boost new threads for new, thicker hair to grow out.

It can also get to the root and revive dull, dying hair that’s destroyed from perms and other procedures.

The Redken Extreme Shampoo, on the other hand, is specifically designed for damaged, distressed hair.

It is furnished with an RCT protein complex that travels to the root of the hair, boosts and strengthens hair strands, and keeps the hair in a state that can withstand future damage.

Price of Both Shampoo

At the time of this writing, you can get the Redken Extreme Shampoo in a 10.1 oz bottle for 25 dollars.

Biolage VolumeBloom Shampoo goest for only 21 dollars but at a much bigger bottle size, 13.5 oz. It’s clear that Biolage is the winner here.

You get to enjoy a bigger bottle of shampoo at a slightly lesser price. If you’re frugal, that’s a chance for you to save a few dollars.


Redken Extreme Hair Strengthening Shampoo is formulated with Amino Acids and Arginine, which help to increase hair resiliency as well as Citric Acid to add smoothness and shine to the hair.

Whereas Biolage VolumeBloom is powered by cotton flower for turning hair follicles into sprouting, growing roots for more volume.

If you have thin hair and want to add more volume without stripping your hair of essential oil, the VolumeBloom is a good one.

However, if you’re looking to strengthen your hair while also cleansing it off the residue, then go for the Redken Extreme Strengthening Shampoo.


At the time of this writing, Amazon carries more than 8000 reviews for both brands with the majority of them being positive.

Most users have found the Redken Extreme Shampoo to be great for treating damaged hair without stripping the hair.

Some also noted that it makes the hair soft and suitable for dry hair and everyday use. Biolage, on the other hand, has been praised for being good for fine hair as well as adding noticeable volume.

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